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Featuring summaries, outcomes, and outputs from select Community-Engaged Alliance sub-grants.

Actualizing a Culture for Community Engagement

University of Indianapolis

The University of Indianapolis (UIndy) grant focuses on developing the campus’ Gender Center, which made its official debut at UIndy in early 2020. The grantees created a university-wide committee, established the mission of the Gender Center, organized and implemented programs, and created an online presence through social media and marketing. The Gender Center’s primary objective is to serve as a change agent for the community in issues involving gender, gender identification, and sexual orientation equity and inclusion, while embracing a critical service-learning pedagogy that emphasizes social change.

Saint Mary's College
Marian University
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Faculty Fellowship

2019-2020 Cohort

The 2019–2020 Fellows cohort, guided by a previously published study from a former Fellows cohort, examined the perceptions that senior administrators at Indiana institutions have towards community engagement, and how these perceptions relate to participation by (e.g., time spent on, value of) faculty at their institution. The cohort designed and implemented a mixed methods survey and distributed to senior administrators at Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions. The cohort presented preliminary data from the study at the 2020 Summit and are currently finalizing a manuscript to be submitted to the Journal of Higher Education and Community Engagement. Below is the presentation given at the 2020 Summit.

2020-2021 Cohort
2021-2022 Cohort
Kiesha Warren-Gordon (Ball State)
Cristina Santamaría Graff (IUPUI)
Adam Kuban (Ball State)
Laura Merrifield Wilson (UIndy)
Angela Coppola (IU Kokomo)
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Research With and About Community Engagement

Roxy Lawrence (IUPUI)

IUPUI researchers in the Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy (CRISP) implemented a descriptive study of the CRISP Clinic—a center designed to support small organizations’ analysis of internal data client experiences and community engagement efforts. The study will serve as a tool to improve the clinic experience for students and community partners, thereby increasing program outcomes and impacts for participating stakeholders. Researchers will use the study’s findings to ensure consistent and effective implementation and improved outcomes for the clinic.


Kendra Lowery (Ball State)
Mary F. Price (IUPUI)
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High-Impact Community Engagement Practices

Michael Williamson (ISU)

Faculty and undergraduate researchers from Indiana State University’s Department of Applied Engineering and Technology Management, in partnership with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), worked to test the validity of traffic monitoring technology currently in use on major roadways in Indianapolis utilizing community-based research methods.


Donna Downs (Taylor)
Sarah Vitale (Ball State)
Silvia Garcia (IUPUI)
Diane VanCleave (ISU)
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Strengthening Communities

Jamie Levine Daniel (IUPUI)

IUPUI’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and IUPUI’s American Studies program were awarded in September 2021 for their project, Common Grounds Cinematic Conversations: The Enduring Legacy of the Plantation. This project will utilize a film festival, embedded within the Spirit and Place Festival, as the setting to explore resistance to change in social and political hierarchies of the United States since 1619. This project exemplifies engaged public scholarship as it is collaborative, interdisciplinary, and co-produced with community stakeholders.


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