Strengthening Community Ties: USI’s Service-Learning Initiative on Domestic Violence Awareness

At the University of Southern Indiana (USI), the commitment to community engagement is evident through initiatives like the Service-Learning program and innovative courses such as Dr. Taylor Petty’s CRIM 403: Violence against Women seminar. On October 26, 2023, these efforts converged in a pivotal community roundtable discussion on the pressing issue of domestic violence, coinciding with Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Fostering Collaboration

The event served as a beacon for collaboration, drawing participation from prominent area organizations dedicated to combating domestic violence.

Domestic Violence educational class or lectureAmong the attendees were representatives from Holly’s House, Albion Fellows Bacon Center, The Chloe Randolph Organization, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Barbara Bachmeier, and Evansville Police Department Investigator Cara Mattingly. This diverse assembly not only underscored the urgency of the issue but also highlighted the collective determination to address it.

Empowering Experiential Learning

For USI students, the roundtable wasn’t just an academic exercise—it was a transformative learning opportunity. Through service-learning components integrated into CRIM 403, students engaged directly with community organizations, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. By interacting with experts and stakeholders, students broadened their understanding of the complexities surrounding domestic violence and honed crucial skills for their future careers in criminal justice.

Building Bridges Beyond Campus

USI on TV talking about Domestic ViolenceThe significance of this initiative extends beyond the classroom walls. By fostering meaningful connections with local organizations and law enforcement agencies, USI is nurturing a symbiotic relationship with the broader community. This collaborative approach not only enriches students’ educational experiences but also reinforces USI’s commitment to social responsibility and civic engagement.

Looking Ahead

As USI continues to champion initiatives like the Service-Learning program and community-engaged courses, the impact on both students and the community promises to be profound. By bridging academic study with real-world challenges, USI is shaping the next generation of compassionate leaders and advocates for social change.

In summary, the community roundtable on domestic violence exemplifies USI’s dedication to fostering meaningful partnerships and empowering students to effect positive change. Through collaborative efforts and experiential learning, USI is not only raising awareness but also actively contributing to the collective effort to combat domestic violence in the tri-state area.

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