Reflections on Supporting Indiana Campus Compact

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As I approach the end of the year and wind down my semester, I’m grateful for a little time to reflect upon the students, communities, and partners who have encouraged me to continue working for social change through engaged learning practices. Service engagement is about learning through the stories and experiences of others. And while that may seem simple, each of us knows that service engagement is often messy and difficult work.

But it is also work that is important to take up. To that end, I am grateful for Indiana Campus Compact and their continued efforts in advocating for support of service engagement as well as the resources and professional development opportunities they have provided. This is our chance to support an organization that has done so much for our students, our campuses, our communities, and for so many of us.

Indiana Campus Compact has been instrumental in my professional career by allowing me to connect with others involved in the scholarship and practice of engagement. They have also provided direct support for my research and have allowed me to advance learning experiences and local initiatives that have produced meaningful change. I know I am not alone in receiving support from Indiana Campus Compact. The truth is that many campuses, communities, and careers would look drastically different if it weren’t for the support provided by Indiana Campus Compact. Today, we have an opportunity to support an organization whose mission is to further the scholarship and practice of engagement.

In the spirit of the season, I hope we’ll approach the New Year with a renewed commitment to reflection, to listening and learning from the stories of others, and to being the change we wish to see in the world. Let’s also commit to supporting those who have supported us. Indiana Campus Compact has been instrumental in supporting the ways in which I have been able to engage with community, and I know many of you have also received similar support and continued encouragement from J.R., Laura, Liza, Summer, and Anne.

Many of us have devoted ourselves to the difficult, often times frustratingly slow and messy, but never-more-urgent-than now work of engaged learning and social justice. As we reflect on the reasons why we do this work, let’s also remember to give back to those who enabled and supported our work. I hope you’ll consider joining me in supporting Indiana Campus Compact.

Mark Latta

Mark Latta
Director of the Writing Center, Instructor of English, and Public Literacy Coordinator at Marian University.