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CEA encourages faculty, staff, and students from our member institutions to publish their work. Below is a list of academic publications that focus on, or frequently publish, work related to civic engagement, service-learning, high-impact practices, university-community relations, etc. The two journals highlighted at the top of the page are published at CEA member campuses.

Indiana-Based Journals

Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education

The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education is an online, refereed journal concerned with exploring community engagement and community-based learning perspective, research, and practice.

The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education publishes accounts of a range of research focusing on practical and theoretical insights and understanding, in higher education and across the disciplines and professions. There is a focus on case studies emphasizing community engagement and engaged learning practices, methodology, and pedagogy.

The journal aims to establish and maintain a review of the literature of research and practice. It also provides a forum for dialogue on methodological and epistemological issues, enabling different approaches to be subjected to critical reflection and analysis.

The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education is edited by Dr. Catherine Stemmans Paterson and published by Indiana State University.


The editorial team will request new articles with a focus on the processes and results of inquiry-focused relationships between community partners and representatives of the university routinely throughout the year. To keep up-to-date on calls for entry as well as issue prompts, visit the announcement page.

In the urban setting, community-engaged research is attentive to the rich diversity of cultures and languages as well as poverty and wealth; to privilege and marginalization.

Community-engaged research practices are equity-driven and intentionally change-oriented.

Other Journals in the Field

The publications listed below include journals that focus on community-engaged scholarship, university outreach, service-learning, etc. A small number of others are listed that, while not focusing on this area, sometimes publish contributions to this literature.

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