Past Summit and Research Symposiums

2022 Summit and Research Symposium

In 2022, Summit attendees explored the theme of Moving Forward: Engagement for a new way of thinking, doing, and belonging. 

"The past two years have highlighted that the ‘old normal’ wasn’t working. As we move into new ways of thinking, doing, and belonging, we are reminded that equitable and inclusive environments enable diverse people of various races, classes, languages, national origins, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or (dis)ability to find their place in society and thrive. In higher education, inclusiveness and social justice translate into learning, working, and research environments that promote equal opportunities to people from different backgrounds. It is here, by centering inclusive community-campus engagement, that higher education can be a catalyst for moving forward."

2020-2021 Summit

In 2021, Summit attendees explored the theme of Coming Together for the Common Good, and wove it into the broad subject of community engagement in higher education with topics that addressed current situations, a look to the future, or even a constructive look back.

Due to Covid-19, the 2021 Summit was all virtual. Attendees were able to choose from 22 sessions to attend live, and had exclusive access to the rest through video on demand. That’s over 30 hours of programming!