Preparing College Students to Advance the Public Good in Indiana

Benefits for Partners

Community-Engaged Alliance makes a positive and lasting impact on your organization, programs, communities, and students. These partnership benefits come in the form of programming, funding, training, customized assistance, and resources that allow your administrators, faculty, and staff to create that lasting impact on students’ lives.

Partnership in CEA increases awareness and recognition of institutions' community engagement efforts, which improves student outcomes, meets missions, and creates a positive brand identity with stakeholders. CEA has a network of partner organizations around the country that gives our institutions access to exclusive opportunities at reduced or no cost. Partner institutions’ profiles are elevated in the field, which helps attract students and retain the best talent right here in Indiana.

Programming & Training

Community-Engaged Alliance offers a wide range of programming and training to enhance participants' development in critical service-learning and community engagement skillsets.

Customized Assistance

As a partner, you will receive customized assistance designed to fit your institution's or organization's needs. These custom-designed workshops enable you to access the expertise and knowledge of our staff in a way that enables you to move forward with your service-learning and community engagement.


Partners are eligible to apply for grants that support service-learning and community engagement projects. We offer a wide variety of funding programs that span from an institutional level to one-time service projects.

Leadership and Recognition Opportunities

Community-Engaged Alliance partners are encouraged to apply for our awards and recognition opportunities.  These opportunities provide individuals and institutions/organizations the much-deserved recognition for their work in service-learning and community engagement.

Become a Partner

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