Funding Opportunities

High-Impact Community Engagement Practices Grant

Your imagination is the limit – this is a rare chance for faculty, staff, and grad students to shine with creative high-impact community project ideas. If you have questions about your ideas, check in with us before you submit your application.

The High-Impact Community Engagement Practices funding opportunity supports the development and implementation of high-impact community engagement learning practices and strong reciprocal community-campus partnerships that strengthen student learning, and further support a culture of community engagement within the institution. These types of activities can include both curricular (first-year seminars, capstone courses, global learning, internships, service-learning courses, undergraduate research course, and writing-intensive courses) and co-curricular (common intellectual experiences, learning communities) experiences (Longo & Gibson, 2016) that also incorporate an intentional emphasis on community engagement practices.

The types of projects previously funded include:

  • Curricular experiences such as service-learning courses, community-based writing intensives, capstone or first-year courses, undergraduate research courses, and community-driven internships—including the development of new courses or redevelopment of existing courses
  • Co-curricular experiences such as common learning communities for students, faculty, staff or community members, or reoccurring community engagement activities designed in a reciprocal and collaborative framework
  • Community-driven research where the community partner plays a reciprocal role in co-creating the research initiative and where the outcomes and outputs have a clear public purpose

Apply now to fund projects which end before August 31, 2022. Funding for projects that start after September 1, 2022 will be available in mid-June 2022.

Funding Award

Required Institutional Match
$1,000 or 25% of requested amount

Who Should Apply:

FACULTY of any rank or discipline looking to implement quality community-engaged pedagogies or to examine an emerging research topic identified in collaboration with the community.

PROFESSIONAL STAFF and SENIOR ADMINISTRATORS looking to implement community engagement projects that benefit the community and its members or examine how these practices affect the institution (e.g., campus and/or partner organization) and its stakeholders.

GRADUATE STUDENTS of any discipline working across the curricular or co-curricular landscape to incorporate community engagement practices into their growth and development. This could include funding for courses they are teaching (or co-teaching) or supporting their original research either in collaboration with community or about community engagement practices.

Application Deadlines & Project Timelines

Proposals are accepted once per quarter (in May, August, November, and February) on the second Monday of the month.

Projects must start at least seven weeks after the application due date, as indicated below. All projects must be completed no later than Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

Proposal Due DateEarliest Project Start DateLatest Project End Date
November 8, 2021December 27, 2021May 31, 2022
*December 13, 2021January 17, 2022May 31, 2022

*Additional proposal deadline and expedited review process.

Submission & Routing Process

Applicants are responsible for proper routing and approval by their institution prior to submission.

Detailed instructions on the submission process can be found in the request for proposal of each grant.

Looking for Assistance?

Contact us to learn more or to discuss grant ideas; Our partners get the benefit of our team's expertise in navigating the grant application process, every step of the way.

Recently Funded Projects

Indiana State University Professor to study congested traffic and current system of monitoring congestion

Dr. Michael Williamson, Assistant Professor in the College of Technology at Indiana State University, is currently focusing his community-engaged research on studying factors that affect transportation safety utilizing a state of the art driving simulator located at Indiana State University. This research aims to improve the transportation options for older adults and underrepresented groups, and identify factors that will improve the safety on roadways through crash data modeling, and improve traffic flow through the use of Intelligent Transportation System Technologies.

Franklin College faculty receives grant to preserve local history for city bicentennial

Meredith Clark-Wiltz of Franklin College was awarded a $4,000 grant from Indiana Campus Compact, a partnership of higher education institutions that prepares college students to advance the public good. Through the grant program, called High-Impact Community Engagement Practices, Clark-Wiltz will lead Franklin College students on a project to collect and preserve local oral histories ahead of the city bicentennial in 2023.

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Additional Documents

Sample Proposal

Following the guidance in the provided Sample Proposal does not guarantee funding.

Sample Reporting Guidelines

The Sample Reporting Guidelines are provided as a reference. Those who have received funding should refer to the individualized Reporting Guidelines provided with their funding notification. Contact us if you require another copy of your individualized Reporting Guidelines.