Grant Terms and Conditions

Allowable Grant Costs

Grant funds may only be used on direct expenses associated with the development/implementation of the project. Allowable expenses include:

  • Stipends
    • All stipends must 1.) be directly related to the project; 2.) used for compensation of time invested, work/research done, and/or scholarship produced/co-produced (creative works, educational tools, etc); and 3.) be traceable to the project. Stipends can be used for:
      • Community partner staff (or individual community members)
      • Community Engagement Professionals and/or other professional staff
      • Faculty
      • Students (as stipends or institutional scholarships)
  • Marketing and Public Awareness
    • All marketing and public awareness charges must 1) Be directly linked to the project; 2) Contain only charges that are traceable to the project; and 3) Be non-revenue generating. Allowable items include:
      • Printing for flyers, publications, and other grant-specific promotions.
      • Advertisements such as social media boost, local newspaper ads, and other advertisements.
      • Apparel and promotional takeaways. The Community-Engaged Alliance logo must be included on all printed material.
  • Project supplies & Equipment
    • All project supplies and equipment must 1) be directly linked to the project and 2) must be traceable to the project.
      • Printing and copying
      • Equipment with no more than a one-year useful life and/or under $100
      • Books/Publications to support the project and project activities
  • Travel
    • All travel must 1) be specifically related to the project and/or dissemination of scholarly work related to the project and 2) not include any activity that produces revenue for Community-Engaged Alliance (program/event registrations, customized assistance, etc). Common travel items include:
      • Registration
      • Accommodations
      • Mileage, vehicle rental, and/or fuel reimbursement
      • Per Diem
  • Hospitality, up to 50% of requested grant funds
    • All hospitality charges must 1) be directly related to the project and 2) must be off-campus.
      • Space rental
      • Meals
      • Fees for equipment use (technology, tables, etc)

Unallowable Grant Costs

Grant funds may not be requested for indirect expenses. Non-allowable expenses include:

  • Travel expenses that generate revenue for Community-Engaged Alliance
  • Equipment with a useful life of more than one-year and/or over $100, unless otherwise approved by Community-Engaged Alliance in writing. Equipment includes:
    • Computer software
    • Office equipment
    • Computers and tables
  • Incentives. Participants cannot be incentivized to take part in activities. This includes items such as:
    • Gift cards
    • Fuel cards
    • Cash incentives
  • Entertainment, directly or indirectly related to the project, such as show tickets and entrance fees
  • Fundraising. Any activity directly or indirectly related to the project that is intended to gain donations and/or donors
  • Memberships and Subscriptions
  • Marketing and Public Awareness
    • Apparel over 10% of the requested grant funds
    • Advertisements that cannot be linked to the specific project
    • Contact Management Platforms (e.g., iContact, Mail Chimp)

Cash Match

Most of Community-Engaged Alliance funding opportunities require a cash match from the institution/organization receiving the funds. This cash match ensures the institutional/organizational commitment and support toward the development/implantation of the project. Appropriate documentation of expenditures related to the cash match must be kept on file and accessible to Community-Engaged Alliance if requested. All cash matches must be:

  • From within the institution/organization and not an outside source
  • Cash, in-kind and indirect costs are not considered a cash match
  • Directly related to the project

Cash matches can be anything from project supplies to stipends. Below are a few examples, not all inclusive, of acceptable cash match items:

  • Project supplies
  • Hospitality
  • Equipment
  • Stipends

If you have questions about acceptable cash match items, please contact us to discuss your project budget.

Funding Distribution

Most grants are funded on a reimbursement basis, with no upfront funding. Grantees must work with their institution/organization to ensure there is an account for expenditures to pass through.

Reimbursements requests will be paid out within thirty (30) days following the submission of completed narrative and fiscal reports. Failure to submit complete reports will delay the reimbursement.

Reimbursements are only provided to Community-Engaged Partners; institutions/organizations must be an active partner to receive reimbursement. See the Additional Terms and Conditions section for more information.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Use of Works Produced, Created, and Submitted: Community-Engaged Alliance reserves the right to use, in part or as a whole, your project’s application, grant report, and works produced as a result of the project as an example of successfully funded projects on the website, in other print/electronic materials, and in our resource repository. The author of the works produced will be credited appropriately.
  • Any data and/or results derived from the project shall be the joint property of grantee and Community-Engaged Alliance. Neither party will be required to report or account to the other for its use of data and/or results and each shall be free to use data and/or results for any lawful purpose. The author of the works produced will be credited appropriately.
  • Grantor Recognition: Any materials (print and/or electronic), marketing and public awareness, and communications (press release, social media posts, news stories, etc) produced with grant funds must acknowledge Community-Engaged Alliance as a funder of the project and include the Community-Engaged Alliance logo.
    The Community-Engaged Alliance Style Guide provides parameters for the use of logos, press releases, and social media tags. Failure to include Community-Engaged Alliance on all/any of the referenced outlets will result in a loss of funding.
  • Institutions/organizations must remain an active partner of Community-Engaged Alliance throughout the duration of the grant project to be eligible for reimbursement. Any institution/organization that leaves the partnership during their grant terms will forfeit reimbursement and reimbursement requests for any part of the project will not be permitted.
  • Significant project changes must be approved in writing prior to implantation of requested changes. Change requests must be submitted in writing via email to
  • Grantees are responsible for ensuring they follow their institutional/organizational routing process. All submitted applications must have approval from the grantee's grant offices (e.g., sponsored program, contracts & grants, or other similar offices) prior to submission. Any application not approved by their granting office or properly routed will not be funded.
  • All submissions will adhere to the deadlines set forth in the Request for Proposal. Failure to adhere to the deadlines and reporting dates will result in a loss of reimbursement.

In addition to these funding-specific terms and conditions, grantees are also agreeing to Community-Engaged Alliance’s Terms of Service, Online Privacy, and Non-Discrimination notices.


For more information, contact us.

Style Guide


The Community-Engaged Alliance logo must be used on any and all printed and/or electronic materials (e.g. flyers, electronic invitations, event handouts, t-shirts, etc.) that result from a Community-Engaged Alliance funded project.

You may not alter the logo in any manner.

Published materials should include a disclaimer that states “Opinions or points of view expressed in this document are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Community-Engaged Alliance.” 

community-engaged alliance

Press Releases

All press releases promoting a Community-Engaged Alliance project must include information about the grant project and credit Community-Engaged Alliance as the funder, including the boilerplate below, and must be sent to us for approval prior to publishing. Please allow three days for the approval process.

About Community-Engaged Alliance
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Community-Engaged Alliance is dedicated to advancing the field of community engagement through education, support, and collaboration with partners in higher education. Through funding, professional development, and collaboration opportunities, Community-Engaged Alliance supports capacity and enables students to graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to create positive social change. Visit for more information.

Social Media

We encourage you to use social media to promote your Community-Engaged Alliance funded project; any posts surrounding a Community-Engaged Alliance funded project should tag Community-Engaged Alliance as follows: