Funding Opportunities

Developing an Infrastructure for Critical Community Engagement

Interested in deepening your institution’s community engagement work by infusing it with critical frameworks, social justice, diversity, equity, accessibility, and belonging? Apply for the DICCE grant from CEA! This funding opportunity supports 20-month projects devoted to cultural change at grantee partner institutions around the intersection of critical frameworks, social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and community engagement. Funding supports the grantee institutions in deepening their community engagement efforts by intentionally creating and strengthening an infrastructure to support critical teaching and administrative practices. 

The overall goals of the program include:

  • Support institutions in the implementation of community engagement strategies intended to shift campus-wide culture.
  • Increase the number of authentic (Mitchell, 2008) reciprocal community-campus partnerships designed to further support a culture of community engagement within the institution.
  • Support the dissemination of examples of high-quality campus-wide community engagement practices as a means of broadening the field.

2023-2024 Request for Proposals Available Now!

Funding Award

Required Institutional Match

Who Should Apply:

SENIOR ADMINISTRATORS with the responsibilities in overseeing university-wide community engagement initiatives

FACULTY from any discipline, and of any rank and is employed at the institution a minimum of 50% FTE

CAMPUS PROFESSIONAL STAFF at Community-Engaged Alliance partner institutions

Typical Application Deadline & Project Timeline

RFP Released: February 6, 2023

Letter of Intent Due: February 27, 2023

Full Proposals Due: March 27, 2023

Submission & Routing Process

Applicants are responsible for proper routing and approval by their institution prior to submission. Detailed instructions on the submission process can be found in the request for proposal of each grant.

Review the Grant Terms and Conditions for further information.

Looking for Assistance?

Contact us to learn more or to discuss grant ideas. Our partners get the benefit of our team's expertise in navigating the grant application process, every step of the way.

Recently Funded Campuses

Marian University
Marian University
The funding from Community Engaged Alliance provided Marian University with the opportunity to deepen and broaden their community engagement efforts by intentionally deepening their campus-wide ethos for community engagement.

Narratives from our Neighbors Initiative, was led by Mark Latta, Director of the Writing Center, Instructor of English, and Public Literacy Coordinator and Ellen Whitt, Vice President of Leadership Integration.

University of Indianapolis
University of Indianapolis
The funding from Community Engaged Alliance provided the University of Indianapolis with the opportunity to build a Gender Resource Center that will serve as a central place where students, faculty/staff, and community members can work together on issues involving gender, sex, and sexual orientation.

The Gender Center, was led by Laura Merrifield Wilson, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Mary Moore, Associate Provost for Accreditation, Assessment, and Education.

Saint Mary's College
Saint Mary's College

The funding from Community Engaged Alliance provided Saint Mary’s College with the opportunity to create a will produce a Community Engagement Map.

Actualizing the Culture of Community Engagement, was led by Rebekah Go, Director of the Office for Civic and Social Engagement.

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Additional Documents

Sample Reporting Guidelines

The Sample Reporting Guidelines are provided as a reference. Those who have received funding should refer to the individualized Reporting Guidelines provided with their funding notification. Contact us if you require another copy of your individualized Reporting Guidelines.