Beau Shine, IUK

2021 Emerging Leaders in Community Impact


Dr. Beau Shine is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Indiana University Kokomo

For the first time, Indiana Campus Compact is honoring faculty and graduate teaching assistants from multiple Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions who are in the first seven years of their career and who demonstrate leadership and innovation in advancing and shaping community engagement across the field. The Indiana Campus Compact Emerging Leaders in Community Engagement recognition is designed to lift up emerging engaged scholarship work and the scholars who do it.

In her nomination letter, Dr. Kelly Brown said, “Dr. Shine is truly an emerging leader in community engagement as is evident by his teaching, research, and service—the three linchpins of any faculty member’s work. His teaching both in and out of the classroom centers on engaging students in the profession of criminal justice and in the community. Dr. Shine develops a curriculum designed to introduce students to the real work of criminal justice in a way that merges theory and community engagement. He regularly invites community members to speak to his classes and other student groups. He encourages students to develop their own relationships with professionals in the field of criminal justice and to learn from these community members. Dr. Shine’s efforts have led the campus and the department in engaging with the community at multiple levels that benefit our community partners, agencies, students, and the campus. The exciting part about Dr. Shine is that he has only begun his work and it will have a lasting, sustainable impact on the campus, community, region, and beyond.

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